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Here's what WoundTRACC users have to say:


"When I go into WoundTRACC and key in all of my information, I am done. I can pull up my reports for the week, for the month.  I don’t have to go through files.  Everything is there. It used to take me two or three days to get everything done – get my reports ready for the week and for the month.  It now takes me three hours for the week.  And I can see the information whenever I feel like it."

Carolyn W, Treatment Nurse



"I save a lot of time using WoundTRACC.  It probably saves at least an hour each day. We used to have to pull the charts and hand write everything.  Now it’s in the computer and we’ve got it. It’s very easy to use.  You just go in and point and click.  It’s very handy."

Debra A, Treatment Nurse



"I was very impressed by the way the wound information is captured. Everything flows in a systematic manner. After letting our wound people look at it, they were excited, so we decided to try it. The wound nurses have indicated repeatedly that it takes a lot less time to put the information into WoundTRACC rather than having to document it manually. There is a lot less time spent with the actual chart, which frees them up to do more hands-on wound care.  It is very convenient and a cost savings as well.  And it saves a lot of trees!"

Cora Y, Regional Director of Quality Assurance

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