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The Big Boom Theory -- is a fact

It may be easily argued that there is nothing more personal to an individual than hosting a serious wound. It is a terrifying experience that is painful, debilitating, and potentially life threatening, even deadly. But, as you well know, beyond the boundaries of personal travail, wound care is a serious business. And as awful as it is to ponder, it’s business that’s about to be booming.

Why you ask?

Two word answer: Baby Boomers.

Baby boomers is the tagline that’s been applied to describe the prolific generation, whose inception spanned the post World War II years, from 1946 until 1964. During this period, over 77 million children were born in the US. This year, the firstborn boomers turn 70, while the late boomers are turning 52. So do the math.

The latest US census recorded 40.3 million citizens aged 65 and up, of which the fastest growing segment is 85 and up. By 2050 it is projected that 65 year-old and older will comprise 20% of population, and 19 million people will be 85 years of age, and over.

Simple formula: more older people + longer lifespans = greater need for wound care.

So the real question is: What are you doing about it?

In the digital information age there is just no longer any excuse for paper charting. It’s too easy to have HIPAA compliant, electronic record keeping and reporting that incorporates both PUSH and Braden Scores, while simultaneously eliminating the serious pratfalls that inevitably accompany paper records.

If your facility can’t afford Wound Expert or Wound Rounds (or even if it can) but you would rather have a more user friendly platform, designed with direct input from experienced, industry advancing wound nurses, then you should take a look @ WoundTRACC software.

For the foreseeable future, the demand for reliable wound care will steadily increase -- whether you do anything about it or not. It’s never going to be pretty. It is a truly sore subject, in every possible sense of the word, but at its ugly core, it is a challenging opportunity to affect a healing outcome.

There is no more room for doubt about it, the time is right now, to take charge of your facility’s approach to wound care. So why not take the necessary steps to ensure that your wound treatment is both state-of-the-art and cost effective?

Don’t allow your present wound care system (or lack thereof) to cause you to take a hit in state surveys. Don’t let runaway rental nightmares, regularly associated with wound treatment, negatively impact your company’s bottom line. And most importantly, don’t let your wound patients experience anything less than leading edge technology, when it comes to addressing their most personal health concerns.

WoundTRACC offers a solution for wound care that is comprehensive, scalable, and simple to use -- and it’s the most affordable system on the market today.

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