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I hereby challenge you: Dare to Compare!

Everyone should appreciate a good challenge, from time to time. Great minds historically agree. T.S. Eliot once mused: If you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how tall you are? Molière famously proclaimed: The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it. And Emerson noted: Bad times have a scientific value. These are occasions a good learner wouldn’t miss.

And it’s true that being challenged can help to keep you driven, focused, keep you sharp...but let’s also keep it real here. As Chuck Rierson (that’s me) once confessed: When it comes right down to my business facing a financial challenge, I’d just as soon skip it.

Shrinking reimbursements seem to be the norm for now, and that’s producing challenges (to put it mildly) that spread like shock waves, throughout the healthcare continuum.

My day job, as it were, is running a DME business that supplies equipment, around the clock, to lots of hospitals, SNFs and other healthcare facilities, and outpatient services. So I know first hand and understand the myriad and ever-changing issues that challenge you, regarding DME and wound care.

It was precisely this level of ‘boots-on-the-ground’ understanding of this very specific space that both inspired and equipped me to create WoundTRACC and DMETRACC software, with careful guidance from industry-advancing treatment nurses. This resulted in the development of the most efficient and cost-effective wound care EMR on the market today.

Safe, secure, fully HIPAA compliant, and conveniently cloud-based, our software delivers high-level results, for a low monthly subscription, and there is never a need to purchase any equipment, or to sign a long-term contract -- ever.

So, back to the challenge at hand: I personally challenge you to compare WoundTRACC, side by side, with your present approach to wound care, for thirty days - free of charge. It’s so easy to do.

We’ll help you load your wound patients' data into the system, then assign a nurse (or nurses) to record treatment and assessments, in tandem with your present method.

After thirty days, simply compare the two systems. Most users find our system to be easier to use and more robust than other EMRs on the market. They discover that using WoundTRACC saves them both money and time.

In some rare cases, folks may like another system slightly better than ours. But, for me, I would have to like it a whole lot better, in order to justify spending 50% more on wound care, each and every month!

There’s no doubt that, financially speaking , our industry is presently experiencing great challenges. The challenge that I’m offering will allow you to improve (or maintain) your present standard of wound care, while potentially saving your facility thousands of dollars.

In the grand scheme of things, there is really nothing to lose when you accept my thirty day challenge -- and quite possibly you have a great deal to gain.

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